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Tree Book

TREE BOOK© is a site specific, interactive sculpture that activates space. It is a tree, transformed into a sizable book, which comes from a series of non-traditional art books created by the artist. TREE BOOK© is a sandblasted, finely polished cherry tree with the roots sitting securely on a steel base. The base is grounded with an Earth element, usually soil.

The rich canvas pages are fixed to saplings and can be turned for easy viewing and reading. These pages depict original words and images from Shannon Willow’s deep seated passion for conservation and preservation of our natural world. TREE BOOK© commands the viewers’ attention and illustrates Earth consciousness and the beauty that surrounds us. We often take things in nature and our resources for granted and disregard them – even the smallest details. TREE BOOK© calls the viewer to reconnect from our separateness of Earth and self, and live in harmony and balance of all things gifted to us.

Purchase TREE BOOK© and create a stimulating visual of Earth energy and conversation in your home or business. TREE BOOK© is currently seeking new activation in your space.

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Trade Beads

I specialize in Venetian glass trade beads and have been collecting them for over 25 years. I have many types of museum quality trade beads, and will carefully customize your unique piece to fit your style. I am currently writing and illustrating an art book about these unique, historic beads, mostly circa 1800s, made primarily in Venice, Italy. These beads were taken to coastal regions of Africa where they were used as currency and traded for African commodities that the Europeans wanted to obtain, such as ivory and palm oil. My collection features mostly rare, museum quality beads and I use them to create custom bead designs for my clients. Each of these amazing glass beads has a special and unique quality; a rich, tactile experience. 

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  • Trade bead Bracelet
  • Multi strands
  • Accessories
  • Black Feathers
  • French Cross Trails
  • Italian Chevrons
  • Party Piece 2
  • Party Piece
  • Czech Snakes
  • Loose beads

Medicine Bags

Medicine Bags are used to carry meaningful items. Work with me to design your Medicine Bag to commemorate a life event or to wear as a reminder of the sacred in your daily life. Each Medicine Bag contains traditional sacred herbs, individualized prayers and objects of your choice. Carry your sacred items in a bag next to your heart.

Medicine Bags are traditional to many North American Tribes. Often worn by the Shaman of the tribe, Medicine Bags bring spiritual power, protection and assist in personal growth and healing. In todays society, many people wear these as a part of daily ceremony and to adorn the body. The Medicine bags I create are made with loving care and filled with intention to help heal the individual on their journey. Each Medicine Bag is custom made to fit the needs of the client and can be filled with personal Earth Medicine, such as stones, animal totems and herbs. Medicine Bags are custom created and start at $89.

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  • Medicine Bags
  • Animal Totem Medicine Bag
  • Two-toned Medicine Bag
  • Pink Pineapple Fancy Medicine Bag
  • Paw Pouch Medicine Bag
  • Purple Healing Medicine Bag
  • 4 directions Medicine bags
“Shannon Willow is a powerful and compassionate facilitator. She has worked with Drum Cafe for the past 7 years creating collaborative communities in corporations, educational and social settings. Shannon uses her skills of compassionate listening and dynamic communication to facilitating both small and large groups into becoming percussive orchestras. She is a talented artist who is deeply committed to empowering people to work together collaboratively for the betterment of the whole.”
Jo-Ann Radus, Owner

Drum Cafe Southeast

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