Make Your Own Medicine Bag Workshop

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Join me in sacred circle to use your hands, hearts and spirits in this ceremonial experience. We will share the power of Earth Medicine and ceremony to intentionally create a Medicine Bag to adorn your beautiful soul!

This handmade piece will assist you on your personal journey, create a stronger connection to your Spirit Animal and raise your awareness through daily ceremony. I will even be offering some of my rare trade beads to complete your Medicine Bag.

Cost is $125 and includes all materials. This is a small group experience – please register to hold your spot in the sacred circle.

Workshop Cancellation/Refund Policies: A full refund will be permitted if workshop purchase is cancelled within 2 weeks of the workshop date. Refunds of any kind are not permitted if within 2 weeks of workshop date.

12 reviews for Make Your Own Medicine Bag Workshop

  1. Chrissie Saunders

    The medicine bag workshop was a fantastic spiritual and cultural learning experience!
    You create a “one of a kind” medicine bag from high quality, authentic materials. You also participate in the ceremony that is an integral part of making this cultural artifact.

  2. Janet

    What an awesome experience to be a part of this sacred circle. Shannon lead us in the old ways of giving back to Mother Earth as we were taking what has been gifted to us. Shannon began the ceremony with intention, playing flute and drum, calling our ancestors, and having us each contribute to this sacred space. Shannon was very informative, teaching us this way of our ancestors that will bring us each healing and power, while encouraging us each to create our own individual styled medicine bag. I would highly recommend any of Shannon’s workshops, as she is very knowledgable and encouraging of individuality.

  3. Zadya

    The Medicine Bag Workshop was an exercise in self discovery, positive intention setting and just plain creative fun. Willow makes everyone feel welcome and encourages the expression of your most genuine self. You are left wanting more, probably why I’ll take the workshop again.

  4. Thomas Laughing Hawk

    Loved sharing space with everyone in such a magical Way.

    After getting my bag sewn, I could not figure out how to secure the flap to ensure my herbs (what I decided this bag would hold) wouldn’t fall out. BIG thanks to Shannon for co-creating with me and helping me make my medicine bag. You Rock!

    Will be back!

  5. Andy

    I was most impressed with Shannon’s attention to cultivating the positive energy needed for this work. This was not simply a craft class; it was an opportunity to create and connect with a spiritual tool—one that I feel will carry on the beautiful and protective energies from which it was made.

  6. Kim Baran

    I attended Shannon’s recent medicine bag workshop, 1/21/17. It was truly a beautiful experience making such a sacred personal piece in a sacred held space. I made new friends and have deep appreciation for all of them. Very intimate and warm. Shannon’s light and love radiates like the sun.

  7. jessica

    I have wanted to make my own medicine bag for some time and was so glad to have the opportunity to do so. Shannon provided all the materials including her exquisite collection of antique glass beads. My medicine bag is quite basic and imperfect, but beautifully mine. It reminds me that the creative impulse doesn’t have to look like just benefits from being expressed. I’m wearing mine with pride. Thanks to all.

  8. Sherri

    I am not a person who usually does crafts, but I was drawn to make my first medicine bag this year. At one time in my life I would not have participated in a group setting of people I didn’t know. Or go alone to events, but after changes I go to what calls me.
    I had a beautiful experience meeting everyone in this group and felt the love and great energy that was present with us all! Picking out the leather and the beads was easy as I knew as I saw them what spoke to me. Any questions or help needed Shannon was right there. Thank you Shannon for your beautiful light, love and energy and this experience that filled my heart.
    I highly recommend this workshop with Shannon and the beautiful space filled with love, light and energy with all that is present.

  9. Kala (verified owner)

    This workshop was amazing. Shannon makes you feel right at home in her studio and gently guides you through the creative and spiritual process of creating a one-of-a-kind treasure. I very much look forward to attending future workshops!

  10. Lynne

    The Medicine Bag workshop was a special experience. Many thanks to Shannon who created a relaxed, yet sacred space for us all to connect with the work and to each other.

  11. Brian

    Shannon is a great workshop instructor who is willing to make sure everyone understands her directions and is willing to help you out if you are having trouble, and go back over what she previously mentioned. This workshop took some time to make a medicine bag. She was willing to give each of us the attention we needed to make sure we were on the right track. She had everything prepared for us. I also appreciated the general spiritual nature and process she also provided prior to the workshop so that we could honor Mother Earth and the many blessings she provides us all (which is a great reminder). I am happy with what I created, and recommend attending Shannon’s workshops!

  12. Brandy

    Shannon is not only a talented artist but a beautiful soul. This workshop was about so much more than just creating a medicine bag. Shannon gently guided us in art, ceremony and spiritual exploration. Her love for animals and the earth is inspirational. I came back from the class more aware of myself and my place in this world. What an amazing experience! I had a blast! Thank you Shannon.

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