Human Family Forest Mural is happening in Clarkston, Georgia. I have been working one year to secure all the parts to move this community engagement mural forward, and it is FINALLY here. My goal is to engage 200 community members in this month long event.
The concept of the Human Family Forest will consist of a forest of word trees, 5 total trees expressing what makes up a healthy community. Each tree has a theme and I will be gathering words from the community for each tree. We have a spiritual tree, all inclusive, of course, a wellness tree, a sustainability tree, a learning tree and a diversity tree. The words will embody these themes and tap into the people who will read and interact with this mural for years to come!
I have begun the under painting and will be inviting groups for a team building experience throughout the month of May. I have completed 5 murals in Clarkston in all, working with more than 500 community members. I am passionate about giving the tools to the people and engaging them in the process and overall completion of the mural. It is a life changing experience for some, and it will be enjoyed for years as people drive by or stop to sip coffee. It is my pleasure to watch the people’s faces light up when they see the results of little or no prior painting skills.
The Human Family Forest mural is located at Refuge Coffee. Everyone is welcome on May 20, 10-2 pm to come and join in the fun! This is mural designed by me, to be painted with community. Sign up for my mailing list to get more info about what is happening at Shannon Willow Art. A lot is happening and I am full of gratitude for all this life brings. I am opening to all the abundance and receiving it with a humble heart.

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