Earth energy is a powerful inspiration in my art and my life, and is reflected in every aspect of my work.

I work with my clients to create rich, intimate works of art. Our collaboration can commemorate a special occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary or reflect your authentic life’s journey. As we create together, I ask you: “What are you rooted in?” Give this gift to someone you love or to yourself.

Please take a moment to view the images of oil paintings already created, and begin to envision your original painting. I trust the process, and bring a dynamic balance of harmony and color to each painting. Art changes lives and heals; creating a unique and powerful presence in your home or business.

May we all live humbly and honor all living things, including our authentic selves.

Creatively yours,

Shannon Willow

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Rainbow Prophecy Canvas Print

  • ShannonWillow_birds
    Diversity and Inclusion
  • ShannonWIllow_bees
    The Last Load
  • ShannonWillow_bear
    I See You
  • ShannonWillow_snake
    Sacred Transformation
  • ShannonWillow_HUmmer
    Heart Opener
  • ShannonWIllow_Flow
  • ShannonWillow_ancientones
    Ancient Ones
  • shannonwillowart-BlueHeronHealer
    Blue Heron Healer
  • shannonwillowart-heartfulhealers
    Heartful Healers
  • Continuous Love Tree
  • Light Through the Forest
  • Council Fire
  • Beneficial Queen
  • Place of Old
  • Change in Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Inipi Vision
  • Healing is the Divine Portal of Love
  • Seven Generations
  • Healing Tree
  • Fricks Cave
  • Always & Forever
  • Be the Light Moment of First Morn
“Shannon successfully engaged members of multiple different communities in the incredible diverse city of Clarkston in her work producing three murals. Her process is egalitarian and inclusive, her product is beautiful and professional.” McKenzie Wren

Co-partnered “Diversity Mural” - Funded by The Community Foundation

“Shannon Willow’s art work is beyond “really good.” It is so far reaching in its soulful expression. Her artwork heals and reminds us of our ancient connection with Mother Earth.” Melissa Massey, LPC

“I am honored to have had Shannon work with me to specially create a medicine bag as a home for some of my mother’s ashes. It’s a beautiful way to have her close to my heart and a nice reminder that she is never far. Shannon’s care of craftsmanship and joy in the process is apparent in the finished product.” Robin

BFA – Ball State University, Indiana

I am an award winning artist who is deeply passionate about the environment. I dedicate my time and energy to raising awareness through art about the Earth and sustainability. A trained painter, I work in many mediums, including paint, wood, leather and old glass trade beads.

I am currently writing a book about my journey with the fancy Venetian trade beads, to be published in 2017. Many of my paintings express both my design skill, as well as my painting talent. I use words in my well-known “Text Trees,” that I carefully root within a landscape painting which I customize for each client. My work was featured in the book, “Atlanta, Yesterday and Today.”

Currently living in Clarkston, Georgia, I designed and facilitated 4 public murals engaging over 300 community members in all. Diversity Mural is the largest and located on the Clarkston Community Center. It represents and validates the multi-cultural, multi-faith people and many of the 60 languages spoken in Clarkston. In the fall of 2015, I completed a 100 foot mural in East Atlanta on the East Atlanta Animal Clinic. This mural, “Animal Compassion Tree” was a team building activity with the vet clinic staff.

I am a skilled teacher on many levels and mediums, and I believe strongly that art transforms lives in families and in community. Motivated to inspire others and create community-based art, I believe in community transformation through active listening and interaction.

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